Patricia Bigelow

Patricia Bigelow


Pat BigelowPatricia  attended Indiana University, Purdue University, Elmhurst College, Northwestern University and at the Columbia College of Book Arts in Chicago.  Her degree was in Computer Science with a very strong second degree in Printmaking. She said, “I found a nice balance between the left and right brain to keep me somewhat sane.”

She currently has her own business designing and finishing concrete sinks for plumbing distributors in the US.  Everyone needs a meal ticket and this one fits my need to be a sculptor.

During the past 50+ years she has been a curator, a gallery owner, a collaborator and on a few boards of directors, dealing with women's art and contemporary fine art. She has exhibited in Chicago for 10 years, but finds her greater interest is in producing.  She now feels it is time to show and sell a few of her pieces of work.

On display in the Lake Superior Art Gallery are some of her watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, encaustic paintings and linoleum block prints.

The watercolor pieces are painted on location and have vibrant colors and movement which express the beauty and chaos of the elements.

The acrylics are studio pieces that she has painted using black and white photographs as references.  She fills in the colors that she likes.

The Encaustic paintings are colour pigments suspended in wax layers. She uses some collage elements to carry the statement of the piece such as sans script passages or ancient images from Greece or the Middle East.

The linoleum prints are printings of 10 and the multiple colors are inked and printed on the same print block while the block itself is destroyed in the printing process.

Artist Statement

Patricia A Bigelow Painter and Printmaker

I paint, I print, and I collage in wax

Painting in different mediums keeps me excited and challenged. For every picture there is a medium that takes me to it with its own approach and materials. Landscape and archeology are my preferred subject matters and the loves of my progression. What better than researching the ancients and living in the landscape of the now.

Each technique I use builds on the history of my work since childhood. Influenced at a very young age by Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo via “LIFE” magazine photos, I could visualize my path of less outrageousness. I am enchanted by color, light and movement to develop my own voice.

Taken, by landscapes I have visited, those I have seen painted and the paintings I have painted; collect in my mind and soul to add more to regard. The land we live in is amazing everywhere and provides an overwhelming wealth of mental images to consider. I just paint a few of them.
The under world of the ancient past has enticed me to create linoleum print images that are seductive and thought provoking. Based on images of many cultures from photos I have taken and books I have collected, I create a new image that carries the theme. I have a smile for each one of them as they leave my studio for adoption.

My Encaustic pieces bridge the gap of the ancient and the present by imposing abstract shapes and images to tie them for an Iconic experience with history and today’s culture. The colors are brilliant with pieces of collage and ancient text to discover.

You may see me in many mediums and not know I am there. I will leave my mark for your trail. My life’s work encompasses a range of color, design and juxtaposition for your eyes only.


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Acrylics By Patricia Bigelow

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Encaustics By Patricia Bigelow

These original encaustic paintings were created with paint, wax and paper on 12" x 12" pieces fo plywood. 

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.